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Hello and welcome to my blog. Of all the plays I’ve written, Coyote’s Christmas Carol is the one that has caught on with the public. That makes me happy because it’s a play that I really love. I’m writing this blog so that I can share my thoughts and ideas about the play for directors who might be thinking about doing the show. Hopefully, it can be helpful in that regard. But the other reason for this blog is that it lets me be a part of the play. Usually, a new play is workshopped and rehearsed before it is produced and published. But I never got to do that. I wrote Coyote’s Christmas Carol, won second prize in the Marilyn Hall Awards, and then it was published by Playscripts, Inc. I never got the opportunity to workshop and do rewrites with the benefit of actors, director, dramaturge… So, in many ways I think of the script as a work in progress. I have never been involved in a production, although I have had the wonderful oppurtunity to see a number of productions. So, I guess this blog is my way of workshopping the script for future directors, teachers, actors, companies. I welcome your comments and input!

By malcoyote

Artist, Writer, Teacher, Mexicophile, Dad, Husband, Native Angelino,

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